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Remembrance Book

A Remembrance Book is a tribute to the deceased through memorabilia and interviews of friends and family. The process is very similar to a personal history book.

Personal History Book 

It is a collection of stories, remembrances, and events from an individual’s life—including all the joys, sorrows, and humor that one wishes to share. A Personal History Book, also known as a Life Story Book, or autobiography, may cover an individual’s entire life or just an important portion.

The information is gathered through taped interviews where an interviewer asks questions to “jog” the teller’s memory. The interviews are transcribed and pictures, favorite quotes, songs, poems, recipes, newspaper clippings, a family tree, and other important documents are added to help tell the individual’s story. Legacy Writing puts all of this information together in a handsome, keepsake book—a treasure to be passed on for generations.

Personal History Book

Reasons for writing a life story, or personal history, are varied, but here are a few to ponder:

  • to express who you are and how you became that person
  • to pass on your hard-earned lessons, accomplishments, knowledge, and wisdom
  • to pass on family values and traditions
  • to give your heirs a sense of where they came from
  • to satisfy the deep need (that is innately human) to tell our story
  • to give meaning to your life experience
  • to give your life continuity
  • to experience healing and validating through the telling process
  • to give a gift of love that will enrich hearts—it is the greatest gift you can give

Ethical Will

Unlike a will that specifies how one’s assets are to be dispersed, an ethical will states hopes, beliefs, values, and life lessons. It is more like a legacy love letter. People of all ages are writing their “Legacy Letter.” It is a guarantee that loved ones, whether a child in diapers or an elder, will know the concerns of our heart. An ethical will is usually 2—10 pages.

Photo Retouching

We can put your photos in better shape.  We have professional photo retouching services available. Scanning and repair runs from $20-$80 depending on the severity of the problems. Restoration work is done at a level suitable for output back to film.

Click below to see some examples:

Photo Retouching

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